Donors names are shown each day on a special board kept by the front desk.

Everyday since mid 1980’s, Siddhachalam has joyfully served pure vegetarian home-made food to all without charges. You can support this fine tradition. Donate a Life Tithi ($1501; 15 years) or an Annual Tithi ($151). Tithi is a wonderful way to commemorate an important day in your or your loved ones life. The names of donors are prominently displayed at the bhojanshala at the ashram and on the web site. Follow the links below to see the names of Tithi donors.

2015 Annual Tithi donor list

2014 Life Tithi donor list
2014 Annual Tithi donor list

Picture shows the dining area on the first floor of the Ahimsa Bhawan. Pictures of loved ones line up the walls of the hall and help fund maintenance expenses of Siddhachalam. A donation of $2,100 is required to place a picture. For details, please call Siddhachalam at (908) 362-9793.

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