Ever since early 1980s when Siddhachalam was founded, it has followed a practice of joyfully serving without charge simple, freshly-made food to yatris.

That fine tradition is not unique – it is shared by all Jain teerths – and is lovingly supported by donation of “tithis” (literally “day”). There are two types of tithis:

Just so the tradition continues uninterrupted, Guruji called the kitchen Gautam Labhdi Bhandaar – a reference to the legend associated with the first Ganadhar of Bhagwaan Mahavira, Shri Gautam Swami.

Legend has it that once Gautam Swami went to a nearby town for seeking gochari (food donated by householders to monks). He received kheer (sweetened milk and rice) in a small bowl. As he was returning, he met with 1,500 hermits. On realizing that they were just as hungry as himGautam Swami joyfully served the kheer to all to their full appetite, thanks to his aksheen-mahanasi (non-diminishing) labdhi (special powers).

Thoughtful yatris often do not hesitate in donating for continuation of the tradition set by Guruji because in Jain scriptures, giving of food joyfully to good souls accumulates good karma.

Breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea, and dinner is served daily, 365 days a year (except the evening of the festival of Samvatsari).

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