Mahavira Swami's 2,613th Birthday is April 13, 2014! - Click here for more details!

Bhagwaan Mahavira’s Janm Kalyanak a Day of Celebrations

Bhagwaan Mahavira was born 2,613 years ago.  On Sunday, April 13, we celebrated His day of birth with a RUN FOR AHIMSA – a new annual feature commemorating the most important birthday in the calendar of anyone who believes in Ahimsa.  This was followed by  traditional puja and swapan darshan in the Main Temple. Finally, we enjoyed a children’s dance program in the Ahimsa Hall.

Run for Ahimsa involved two races – 1:5 km and 3:00 km, depending on age and health.  Each participant got a keep-sake beanie cap made of soft fabric with the words Run for Ahimsa embroidered on it. Winners got medal (and applause). Puja and Swapan Darshan were held in the Main Temple starting. Mata Trishala’s dreams were recounted by children accompanied by traditional singing and bhakti. Children’s dance followed lunch.  About 750 of us participated in the celebrations and enjoyed walking on Shikharji at Siddhachalam trails.

How to Meditate Class Rescheduled

The next of our Saturday beginner classes on How to Meditate has been rescheduled.  Please watch this space for announcements.  Beginner yoga classes continue as scheduled with the next class on April 20; please visit the Events page for details.

Siddhachal Yatra on March 15 a Joyous Experience

For many among us, a yatra to Shatrunjaya on Mount Siddhachal in Palitana, Gujarat, is the first yatra of the year.  A particularly auspicious day to perform it is Falgun Shukla Trayodashi (the 13th day in the bright half of the month of Falgun).  The yatra is popularly known as the chha gua feri.  “Chha” means six, and “gua” or “kos” is an Indian measure of distance equivalent to three kilometers.  The chha gua yatra commenced with puja pakshal of Bhagwaan Adinath’s pratimaji in Main Temple and ended there after homage at His Tonk in the forest.  In between, stops (accompanied by heart-warming singing of bhajans by Mulchand Gala and Lankesh Haria) were made at different locations corresponding to locations at Mount Siddhachal. The program was coordinated by Piyush Jain with help from volunteers.