Shri Siddhachakra Mahamandal Vidhan

|| श्री सिद्धचक्र का पाठ करो दिन आठ ठाठ से प्राणी फल पायो मैना रानी ||

is delighted
to invite you and yours to
participate in this very auspicious and unique vidhan.

This eight day vidhan is from July 12-19, 2016.

It is believed that participating in Siddachakra Vidhan provides immense spiritual pleasure and leads to prosperous and peaceful life.

Vidhan will be led by Prof. Tikam Chandji Jain from India.

Vidhan Schedule
July 12, 2016
Flag hoisting, Indra Pratistha,
Mandap Pratishtha, Mangal Kalash Sthapana,
Abhishek and Shanti Dhara followed by
Shri Siddha Chakra Vidhan poojan

July 13-19, 2016
Abhishek, Nitya Niyam pujan followed by Vidhan Poojan

Aarti, Bhakti Bhavna and Vyakhan every day in the evening.

Participation detail
$551: Per couple for 8 days
$351: Per person for 8 days
$251: Per couple for weekend only
$151: Per person for weekend only
Don’t miss this rare opportunity. Please call Bajrang Joshi at (908) 362-9793 to reserve your spot.
Only limited number of spots are available!

Stay all eight days in ashram’s religious environment with Puja, Jaap, Bhakti Bhavna,
Vyakhan and Swadhyaya everyday for nirjara of bad karma.

Puja clothing, puja samagiri, satvik bhojan and stay arrangements will be made by Siddhachalam.

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