Welcome to the Anniversary Celebrations!

Jai Jinendra! This is the 31st summer since the founding of Siddhachalam, 23rd since the principal temples were established, and second since Teerthadhiraj Shikharji was replicated here.

All three are celebratory events: the revolutionary Jain monk, Acharya Sushil Kumarji (“Guruji”), chose Siddhachalam in 1983 as his tapa and karma-bhoomi. Transformed by Guruji’s meditations, Siddhachalam soon came to be called a Tirth, a place of pilgrimage. The establishment of the temples in 1991 symbolized that the believers of the Arihants not only wish to live, play and learn together at Siddhachalam, but also pray together. As Guruji said about it in October 1987:
“We are all children of the Arihant. He is our uniting force. We do not want a temple constructed for only a few people. It must be established by the entire society and for the entire world.”

Then, 21 years later, we replicated Shikharji here, our most important place of pilgrimage. It symbolized that our enlightened community, free from sectarian divisiveness, was determined to preserve and nourish its beliefs.

Between Saturday, August 9 and Sunday August 17, we will come together to celebrate these events and renew our faith and heritage. The principal events—Dhwajarohan atop the Tonks of Shikharji at Siddhachalam— will be held on Sundays, August 10 and August 17, but you may elect to perform it on a weekday during that week.

Please join these celebrations with family and friends! Welcome!

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