“There is definitely divine power here, it is good to meditate.” Harish, Edison, NJ.

“Feels like I am in India’s Lal Mandir, old Delhi, very nice.” Lalit Jain, Vienna, VA.

“Very peaceful, a place to worship and pray for world.”  Suryakant & Anjana, Parsippany, NJ.

“Excellent place for tirth yatra in USA.” Dilip & Anitha Shah, Buffalo Grove, IL.

“Thank you very much for creating and maintaining this peaceful tirth dham.” Hardik Sheth, North Wales, PA.

“This is really amazing to see Shikharji in USA, well done.” Abhishek, Redmond, WA.

“Excellent.  Dedication for the supreme power of Tirthankar Bhagwaan and Sri Acharya Sushil Muniji.” Mallika Shah, Alexandria, VA.

“Great source of inspiration for peace and nonviolence.” Dr. Sharad Khara, Norwalk, CT.

“Temple extremely clean and very peaceful. Have seen many temples in India but none match this. Feels like visiting always.” S. K. Shah, Flushing, NY.

“I come here frequently with my family and its great pleasure to be here.” Deepesh Jain, Exton, PA.

“Best place in USA.” Anil Jain, North Bergen, NJ.

“Great facilities, the murti’s are awesome, great ambience.” Pravin Punamiya, Clifton, NJ.

“Great place for worship, pride of Jains of America.” Dinesh Jain, Canada.

“One place where you can be very close to god.” Kewal & Kamala Jain, AZ.

“Most appropriate atmosphere for real sadhaks in western world.” Kishore & Usha Sheth, Gujarat, India.

“Visit is once-in-a-lifetime experience.” Dr. Sharad Khara, Rochester, NY.

“Regular visitor from past 7 years – this temple gives a calmness of mind.” Dolar Gosalia, Parsippany, NJ.

“This was my first Shikharji yatra here. Though I had knee problem, this place gave me so much energy to complete my yatra, I feel I am blessed.” Sudha Devi, Bangalore, India.

“Beautiful place for darshan – so peaceful place.” Natwarlal Shah, West Bloomfield, MI.

“Very beautiful, peaceful and quite place. Must see.” Dinesh Sheth, Gondal, India.

“I came here frequently with my family and its great pleasure to be here.” Deepesh Jain, Chester Springs, PA.

“As always nothing compares to Siddhachalam.” Rajesh Chheda, West Chester, PA.

“It’s really beautiful, peaceful and holy derasar. I like to visit here every month with my family, kids and relatives.” Mohit Mehta, Jersey City, NJ.

“Probably one of the best enlightening places, a source for strength irrespective of what one faces in life.” Sanjeev Shah, New York, NY.

“Amazing place. Very peaceful, enthralling.” Amit Shah, Bartlett, IL.

“Excellent place for tirth yatra in USA.” Dilip Shah, Buffalo Grove, IL.

“Amazing construction in the past 10 years. Great work.” Sunil Bangad, Kendall Park, NJ.

“We have been coming here and always enjoy.” Mayur Jain, Medway, MA.

“Thank you very much for creating and maintaining this peaceful tirth dham.” Hardik Sheth, Lansdale, PA.

“Very good beautiful silent place and temple is also very nice. Thanks.” Ramesh Doshi, Udaipur, Rajasthan.

“Astonished to see recent progress of Shikharji. Hope dream comes true soon. Will visit again and again.” Kishor Sheth, Gandhi Nagar, Gujarat (comments when Shikharji project was in progress).

“Thanks for the divine home away from home.” Venkat Karimanasseri, Edison, NJ.

“Extremely honored to visit the temple.” Nitin Jain, Bhilwara, Rajasthan.

“Very impressive temple and idols. Wish to visit again and again.” Narendra Choksey, Batavia, OH.

“Very auspicious tirth.” Navin Shah, Rochester NY.

“I love this place and its wildlife.” Abhi Jain, [city], [state].

“This tirth is only one in the world of its type” Avinash Mehta, Mumbai, Maharashtra.

“Can’t believe that in am in USA! Excellent derasar. Keep it up. Thanks. This is heaven.” Pravin Shah, Raleigh, NC.

“This is really amazing to see Shikharji in USA. Well done.” Abhishek Ajmera, Redmond, WA.

“Outstanding, beautiful, clean, peaceful.” Bijal Parekh, Rockville, MD.

“Best place to travel [to].” Gyanchand Munoth, Chennai, TN.

“The best tirth-yatra in USA for worship.” Nick Parekh, Jersey City, NJ.

“Beautifully created.” Sachin Jain, Owings Mills, MD.

“Very neat and clean. Excellent environment.” Ishwar Patel, Edison, NJ.

“We did darshan at Shikharji first time and really amazed with the planning.” Devang Shah, Jersey City, NJ.

“Excellent, my favorite place.” Ravish Gandhi, Wayne, NJ.

“Very blissful place – divine peace.” Kamlesh Mehta, [city], NJ.

“So beautiful [and] peaceful! Would like to come back again and again.” Anju Ajmera, Morris Plains, NJ.

“Great source of inspiration of peace and nonviolence.” Harshit Khara, Somerset, NJ.

“Excellent, impressive.” Bhupendra Shah, Horseheads, NY.

“Feel spiritual peace when arriving at this place.” Hitesh Doshi, East Elmhurst, NY.

“Want to come again and again.” Girish Dand, Mumbai, Maharashtra.

“Most peaceful place in the world.” Krunal Patel, Lavallette, NJ.

“Nice vibrations of peacefulness.” Hiren Tamboli, Edison, NJ.

“A unique peaceful temple.” Varsha Lalwani, Nasik, Maharashtra.

“We had very peaceful day at Siddhachalam with my grandsons.” Yogendra Sheth, Gaithersburg, MD.

“Everything is good and neatly maintained.” Nilesh Changediya, Ichalkaranji, Maharashtra.

“So powerful, so peaceful. A feeling like as if idols are trying to talk and pass on message to us, very big holy place.” Ashok Parekh, Mumbai, Maharashtra.

“This place is just like heaven. I want to come again.” Madhubala Sharma, Sri Ganganagar, Rajasthan.

“Nice combination of all the sects.” Ravindra Jain, Delhi, India.

“Excellent atmosphere for inner peace.” Sushant Jain, Edison NJ.

“Most appropriate atmosphere for real sadhka in western world.” Kishor Sheth, Gandhi Nagar, Gujarat.

“Very peaceful and beautiful. Difficult to find such tirths outside India.” Kinjal Shah, North Brunswick, NJ.

“Great live Jainism in USA.” Harshit Khara, Danville, PA.

“Nice to have a religious place like this.” Bhupendra Shah, Royersford, PA.

“Peaceful, meditative, inspiring.” Pran Joshi, Milton, Ontario, CA.

“Very good place for Jain religion in foreign country.” Pramod Shah, Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

“Wow! It is a peaceful place for praying.” Raxit Shah, Oak Creek, WI.

“Thank you so much for sharing this place with us. It was lovely.” Shivani Shah, Franklin Park, NJ.

“I just came to USA and visited mandirji. An auspicious paryushan. Feeling blessed.” Anay Ambure, Randolph, NJ.

“This place is peaceful and heavenly to just be here is such a blessing. You can feel the wisdom and power that fills the room making you feel peaceful inside.” Hemant Rana, Morris Plains, NJ.

“It always gives deep pleasure to visit this great tirth in the USA.” Kirtibhai Shah

“An excellent, peaceful religious and spiritual retreat.” Vastupal Shah, Chicago, IL.

“Very beautiful, awesome, best.” Karan Chaney, Mumbai, Maharashtra.

“Beautiful, peaceful place as always make me feel to come again and again.” Dilip Desai, Rocky Hill, CT.

“This place is very beautiful; we are lucky to visit this temple.” Vimal Bafna, Mumbai, Maharashtra.

“Glad to have pooja darshan. Nice place to visit. Thanks to Neel Gala.” Himanshu Buch, Bridgewater, NJ.

“This is awesome. So beautiful and peaceful. Good place.” Ketan Shah, Bethpage, NY.

“So nice and peaceful place. I like most. So happy.” Dilip Mehta, Nashik, Maharashtra.

“Very peaceful place for people to come. To have a talk with our inner self. Good job.” Kinal Shah, North Brunswick, NJ.