Pictures show charan-kamal at a Tonk at sunrise and sunset at Siddhachalam. Sunrise and sunset are beautiful at Siddhachalam and should be part of every visit. Arrangements for stay of worshippers exists. Please contact Bajrang Joshi at (908) 362-9793.

Play volleyball, basketball, table tennis, soccer, cricket and other sports at Siddhachalam. Or walk its trails. A yatra of all Tonks starting and ending at Gautam Swami’s Tonk is approximately 3 miles. Rejuvenate yourself, in mind, spirits and body.

Note that all trails are weather-permitting; those sensitive to insects should consider using repellents (ask for them at the front desk on the second floor of Ahimsa Bhawan). Some trails leading to the lake are steep; be more careful and use handrails. No foods, drinks, smoking, fires, or picnics are permitted at Siddhachalam. None whatsoever. Siddhachalam is a nature and animal preserve and belongs as much to the trees, animals and other living beings as it does to you. Please do not disturb plants, birds and animals.


Sports and Recreation