Picture shows the UN desk in the main hall of the Ahimsa Hall. Information about upcoming events at the UN and of UN briefings are available at this desk. Information about UN activities, millennium goals and publications relating to them at in a dedicated rack in the Library.

IMJM became an accredited non-governmental organization with the United Nations Department of Public Information in 1992 and in that role, it helps promote and disseminate United Nations initiatives in the area of freedom of religion, peace, conflict resolution, and environmental matters, among others. In 2011, it entered into a special consultative status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council with a view to promote the message of ahimsa and anekantvad.

UN Briefings and Event Opportunities

The United Nations regularly holds briefings at its headquarters in New York City. Some of the briefings and other events are open to participation by NGOs such as IMJM. IMJM encourages all to know of United Nations activities, initiatives and objectives. Accordingly, if any donor to Siddhachalam is interested in participating in any briefing or other event and makes a written request to IMJM at least one week before the event (or such longer date as specified), IMJM will be happy to explore the possibility of such attendance or participation. Note that the United Nations is not a forum for activism and IMJM reserves the right to decline any request for attendance or participation in any event at any time without assigning any reason.

Please include your full legal name, age, address, contact telephone, and email in all communications to IMJM accompanied by a paragraph explaining why you wish to attend the event. Note also that we particularly encourage students to participate. IMJM may require additional information, including personal identifying information. Requests may please be directed to office@imjm.org.. Thank you and Jai Jinendra.

Pictures show section of the Library at Siddhachalam containing books relating to the United Nations.