During Guruji’s lifetime and thereafter, IMJM initiated and generously supported various universities in North America, among other parts of the world, to start or maintain educational initiatives in the study of Ahimsa and Anekantvad. These initiatives include endowment for a program on Jainism at Columbia University and scholarly works at University of Toronto and University of California at Santa Barbara.


IMJM has published books by Acharya Sushil Kumar and by other scholars. These include, The Song of the Soul, An Introduction to the Namokar Mantra and the Science of Sound, by Acharya Sushil Kumar in 1987, and Jain Doctrine and Practice: Academic Perspectives, by Jospeph T. O”Connell in 2000. It has also made available discourses by Guruji, including his deep rendering of the Namokar Mantra. The rendering is considered among the most authentic rendering in modern times of the Namokar Mantra.


Siddhachalam maintains a well-stocked non-lending library of old, rare and new books on Jain dharma and other religions, peace, yoga, health, environment and related subjects.  It also maintains books relating to certain United Nations initiatives.

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