Some of the selected Talks and Articles by Guruji’s

Talk by Guruji in Madras, India

– May 3, 1985

Behind the history of all religions is youth. Wherever there is faith and hope, there is youth. Youth is responsible for all kinds of stories – good and bad. Our nation has been suffering from separatism for the last two years due to the Punjab problem, and this was created by youth. On the other hand, the freedom that our nation enjoys is the ‘Prasad’ of youth.

Lord Mahavir began a big revolution for society; he did this when he was young. The same is true of Lord Buddha. You can read the history of nation in the East or West and you will find youth are responsible for all kinds of change. Our nation needs development and strength, but without youth we can’t do anything. Fortunately, our Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi is a youth. This is a big thing. We cannot imagine all the problems he must tackle.

My dear students, our subject is how we can grow, how we can develop. Mahavir taught national character. At the time of his spiritual teachings, a ‘natural religion’ actually was appearing. Mahavir stressed one thing – that all of mankind is one. There is no division, no higher or lower, no superiority or inferiority. Mankind is one family. When you think like this you can’t create any separation. Mahavir saw the spirit, the soul, the reality of all living beings. And reality is one. We can describe many differences between beings, but we can’t change the essence, we can’t change the reality.

My dear, think what is your duty. Anywhere you see disputes and violence – these people are fighting for rights. What is our duty? If you ask this question, then maybe you can consider non-violence.

By H.H. Acharya Sushil Kumar Maharaj

– November 1986

It as been my life’s experience that no good can come from the sectarianism or groupism. By sectarianism we are spoiling the purpose of religion. Religion means reunite with your true self. It is the Dharma meaning to follow your true nature. But when we are involved in sectarianism, naturally we forget the meaning of Dharma and forget the Variants

Unfortunately, for 2,000 years of Jain history, many religious authorities have promoted sects rather than one common religion. Some are working for religion, but sects divide us and pull us back to narrow-mindedness.

Now is the time to make a change. We must focus on non-violence. We are children of the Arihantas, and worshipper of the Namokar Mantra. We see this universe as the essence of the six substances. Lord Mahavir and Lord Paraswanath taught self-realization through yogic practice, the unity of all living beings, and the purification of our Karma. Health, self-realization and total bliss – this is the purpose of practice as described by the Arihantas.

When we involve in narrow-mindedness we neglect this purpose. Many monks have spread the message of non-violence and the yoga of the Arihantas. But unfortunately, we could not maintain continuity due to fear of sectarian rules and regulations. In Lord Paraswanath’s time and Lord Mahavir’s time preaching was spread to many corners of the world, when disciple monks traveled extensively.

According to 7th century accounts, Harivansha Puran by Acharya Jinsen and Gyanavarnav by Acharya Shubhachandra, these teachings were spread not only in India but elsewhere in Asia, in the Far East, the Middle East, Africa, Greece and the Balkan countries. It is unfortunate that this system was not maintained.

Now is the time for Jain clergy and laity to beacome more active and work to spread the teaching of the Arihantas. Jainism is the only religion where there is no system of conversion. Any Christian, Muslim, Hindu, or Buddhist can also be a Jain – as long as he or she has total faith in non-violence. It is a matter of a change of heart – to awaken mercy and feel oneness with all living beings.

There are nearly 500,000 Jains residing outside of India in Asia, Africa, North America and Europe. Now bold steps must be taken to unite, educate and enlighten all brothers and sisters. This is the purpose of the World Jain Congress and the International Jain Conferences. And specifically, through the efforts of the Indo-American Conference, we are working to increase communication between India and America.

Accomplishments have been made with the founding of the International Center Siddhachalam, and the establishment of more Jain societies and temples throughout the United States and Canada. Each individual must make efforts to spread the teaching of non-violence, then the time will not be far when we can find Jain ashrams, temples and centers all over the world.

My thanks and blessing to all sincere devotees who are working on local, national international scales to bring about a greater sense of unity among Jains.

As the cold season approaches, countless numbers of homeless, poor and needy persons are in desperate need of warm clothing, shoes, blankets, etc. During the process of getting your own clothes ready for the winter, you may find articles that you don’t use anymore but that a needy person would appreciate. Please, do collect such items and bring them to any of your local social service organizations or church who will distribute them. Please help the poor – they need you!

– October 1988 Newsletter

The question whether humans and other living beings indeed possess a soul, i.e. an immortal, eternal and invisible essence as the unifying factor between all beings, has been a controversial issue for many centuries, particularly in the Western world. At all times, doubts and arguments have been voiced to disclaim the existence of the soul, the main reason being that no one is actually able to see the soul. Especially those among us who were born and raised in Western societies usually learn very soon in their lives only to believe what they can see or at least hear, feel, touch or smell. In short, one– if not more — out of our five sense organs ought to be activated in order to perceive something as existent and, therefore, real.

Philosophers and sages from both East and West usually counter argue with the statement that the soul is a self-contained entity, and that its existence is well proven. However, because of the fact that it is formless, it is not perceptible to the eyes nor to any of the other four sense organs. Since Jainism endorses the reality of the soul, how does Jaina defend their point of view?

Basically, Jain philosophers contend that there is no reason to disbelieve what is imperceptible to us; after all if someone asks us if our ancestors have ever really existed, we certainly would answer in the affirmative even through we have never seen them with our own eyes. But judging from our own existence, we conclude that they must have existed as well. How can we see the root of a plant? We know there has to be one, simply because of the fact that the plant is alive and thriving; it grows leaves, flowers and fruit. Therefore, we hold the viewpoint that the root is the necessary cause of the effect (the plant). This effect is one of the actions of the soul (atma), i.e. one of the ways in which the soul manifests itself, it is said in the Jain teaching. It is perceptible in a living human because he moves, walks, plays and works in various ways. He even thinks – which is not possible for a dead human. A split second before death actually occurs, one can still see movements – however subtle – in a human body, conversely, after the person has died all movements will have ceased. From this, so the Jain philosophers argue, it would be evident that a) there is a soul residing in each human body, b) the soul goes away when the body dies, and c) there is no soul in a dead body. In this way, the effect of the existence of the soul is obviously perceptible to us, and therefore, we should be able to comprehend the reality of such an immortal essence.

Jainism maintains that the body is the abode of the soul. The resident who dwells in a house is distinct and separate from the house. If this house should collapse or the period of tenancy comes to an end, the resident will leave the house and, presumably, start to live somewhere else in another dwelling. It is the same with the soul. When the duration of time of the existence of the soul in the body comes to an end, that same soul goes away to another place (which is determined by a person’s deeds in this and past lives), i.e. it will live in another body until that lifespan is over at which point the entire process will be repeated — according to the law of Karma. In this way, the line of births and deaths continue on and on until the circle of rebirths is finished.

The eternal question of “Who am I?” automatically establishes the existence of a soul. A material thing such as a table, cloth, or vessel doesn’t have any perception that it exists. Only when there is a soul in the body does it speak such words as “I am happy”or “I am sad,” or is able to feel any emotions and sensations at all, because knowledge is an attribute of the soul only — not of physical matter. Why can’t dead humans see? It is because the eye is not able to see in and by itself; it is the soul that sees the use as an instrument. Just as the fire in firewood and the yogurt in milk are not perceptible to us through latent in them, the soul is also not perceptible even though it exists in the body.

In summation, then, the main argument for the existence of the soul according to Jainism is, that although we are not able to directly perceive the soul with our ordinary five senses, we are able to perceive the effects (actions) of the soul without which all living beings would cease to exist as such. And this perception of the ways in which the soul manifests itself is seen in Jainism as a proof that it truly exists.

Siddhachalam is becoming increasingly popular, and it is important to us that all people who embrace ahimsa (non-violence) see this place as their special retreat they can come to. In order to operate efficiently and have clean and comfortable facilities available for everyone, the help and support of ALL PEOPLE — visitors and residents alike – is urgently needed. Whether it is picking up after oneself, cleaning the cabins, or washing the dishes after a meal, it is necessary that EVERYONE is pitching in to help. All our residents are volunteers who give their time freely and selflessly, and we strongly recommend and encourage that our visitors, too, should see themselves as volunteers and part of our community and be ready and willing to donate some of their time to do this special service of Karma Yoga. Not only will all the work get done much faster and leave more time for recreational activities, but this loving service will also promote a more intimate and friendly atmosphere between guests and residents. It has been our experience that we all may start working together as strangers but during the course of the work soon become friends. In addition, this selfless service helps to draw our eastern and western cultures closer together which is part of Siddhachalam’s purpose – we are an international community based on the concept that everyone is equal and every culture has benefits to offer. One of them that is most needed here is the volunteer work. This also will keep the spirit of ahimsa alive: the simple act of dropping a piece of litter to the ground instead of into the waste basket and polluting the environment with unnecessary noise are acts of violence done to our environment as a whole and to Siddhachalam in particular. VISITORS AND RESIDENTS all are volunteers and both can show the proper respect to Siddhachalam and the environment by volunteering their time and helping hands whenever and wherever it is needed in the spirit of the selfless service of Karma Yoga.

Guruji’s Message for the symposium on “survival or violence”

– Oct.1988 Newsletter

Thought is force. Thought has unlimited power. You are what you think. Anyone can achieve complete success by spiritual awareness. 2,500 years ago Lord Mahavir gave this perfect truth, “All mankind is one. There is no superiority or inferiority, no caste or creed, no Caucasian or Aryan.” Weather conditions in various areas may have produced amounts of pigmentation as far as our skin is concerned, but since our systems of birth and death are the same, our smiling and weeping is the same, our reactions to pain and pleasure are similar, how can we make distinctions by caste, color or religion? A cow’s skin may be red; white or black but the milk is the same.

In all the nations of the world can accept the principle of nonviolence, who will attack? If no country is ready to attack there will be no problem between China or Pakistan and India or between Iran and Iraq.

Mankind is like a big lake. If someone puts poison in any part of the lake, all the water will become poisonous and people will die. It is not possible to poison only a portion of the lake and expect the people on that portion to die and those on other portions to survive. Total survival and total destruction are related. Science has advanced to such a degree that all mankind on this planet must either die together or all must survive together. It is time to stop the sinful waste of money which is being poured into the production of instruments of destruction. This money should be used for the betterment of the world, mankind and all living beings. It is the perfect time for people to begin to understand the need for nonviolence. Mankind has suffered much from world wars. They understand the result of fighting and destruction. It is time to practice peace and awareness, to achieve perfection and total enlightenment. We must stand. We must not sleep. We must awake and stand but not with weapons. We must fight for the betterment of society – not with weapons. We must fight for the betterment of society – not for jealousy or destruction. Inside each of us there is a violent army disturbing us. Anger, jealousy, ego, greed, desire and madness of thoughts comprise this army. We must organize a stronger nonviolent army of peace, contentment, realization, complete health, bliss and total Samadhi. We must work for peaceful coexistence and universal brotherhood. We will march for the betterment of mankind. Then we will accept a nonviolent system of society where there is no Lord and no servant. We will help each other and be friendly to one another. The days have gone when the nonsensical principle of killing or survival was upheld. We must help one another. The whole world is existing through and by mutual help. We are all interdependent. Without trees no living being can survive. Trees are converting the minerals of nature in edible fruit. Mankind cannot survive without animals. Animals are eating what is excess and sending it back into nature. The cycle of the universe is going on with the help of trees and animals and both poles, north and south. This is the main energy center. If one pole would become weak and create imbalance, the whole cycle would be destroyed. If you want to live, then you must be ready to live and let live. We all have to accept it and now is the Time. The U.N. is thinking about human rights. We must think about animal rights and ecology rights without the animals and the trees we can’t survive.

If we even think about destruction, the negative thoughts create a vibration that could destroy our whole system. Lord Mahavir taught we must practice oneness by body, mind and word. Feel oneness with all living beings and expand yourself. When you experience the universal feeling that all is one and one is all – that is enlightenment. That is universal man–superman. Jainism is calling such a universal man ‘arihant.’ Arihant means the superman who has awakened all extrasensory perception. Christ-consciousness, bodhisattva or avatar – all mean the same thing. We are awaiting the birth of a superman who has all powers of mercy, survival, love and oneness, but the basic idea is nonviolence. That is the beginning. If you think about others they will think about you. What you do not want for yourself do not do to others. When you feel oneness with all, jealousy, anger and greed, the army of satan, cannot exist. The time has come when we must decide either for total survival or total destruction. If we accept violence in any form, we cannot expect the world to survive. If we want total survival, the only way is to feel oneness with all living beings; love, brotherhood and coexistence. Nonviolence is the quarantine for world peace and world existence.

IMJM and the Jain Society of Toronto have my blessings and good wishes for their admirable work in organizing this seminar on nonviolence. I think this seminar will show the path of peace and inspire oneness.

OM Peace. OM Shanti.

An excerpt from Guruji’s lecture on the Kshamapana Sutra given on Samvatsari (Day of Forgiveness)

Khamemi Savve Jiva
Savve Jiva Khamantu Me
Metti Me Savve Bhuyesu
Veram Mattham N Kenai

(I grant forgiveness to all living beings,
And all living beings grant me forgiveness.
My friendship extends to all living beings.
My enmity is totally non-existent.)

We are connected consciously and unconsciously with all living beings – angels, bugs, grass, birds, etc. We all come from the same source and just as one has to soften the land before planting seeds, we must soften our hearts and minds completely before feelings of friendship can grow within ourselves. This is one of the meanings of universal friendship: I am forgiving everyone, and if I did some wrong, please grant me forgiveness–no matter when this deed occurred, yesterday or centuries ago.

I like universal friendship. I do not want to have enemies and only keep one, two or three friends. No, no! I want a universal friendship with all living beings. I have no space in my heart for separateness and disputes. Woodchucks, trees, life in any form and shape–they are not my brothers but myself. I feel oneness with all. May the Gods and Siddhas–the perfected, discarnate beings–witness this: I have finished with all feelings of bitterness, hate and attachments – all causes of bondage. I am not ignorant anymore; I am not collecting karmic particles any longer. At this point in time I have finished with all of this. My consciousness expands, and I feel oneness with all forms of life.

October 1988 Newsletter

“In order to describe the meaning of the logo, we must describe the meaning of Om, Hreem, Arhum. These three interrelated sounds symbolize knowledge of the eternal, the internal and the Supreme. They are Right Knowledge (Arhum), Right Faith (Om) and Right Conduct (Hreem).”

“Visualize the picture of Hreem, Om, Arhum. First, on the outside is Hreem, this is the universe, nature and the five elements. Then within this is Om whose positive energy moves in one direction to the Supreme completely, wholeheartedly. In the center there is an unmoving flame of fire burning brightly. This is Arhum, the power of the soul. This is the Arhant, the soul in its perfected state.

The meaning is that you are the universe… Hreem, your entire energy is Om, and your soul is realizing its highest state of perfection… Arhum. By this system you can know the world, you can see how energy moves, and you can see your Self-how all powers are awakening. Watch…and awake yourself.

Sound is the base of this knowledge. When you will see reality, then you will understand that this is the complete picture of the Supreme – omniscient, omnipresent and omnipotent.”

– Volume 1, No.3 Jan.1995

By Sh. Lahar Chand Mukim

Acharya Shri Hemachandraji (11th century, A.D.) explains the Sanskrit word TIRTH in simple language: “The Tirth is the means by which we can traverse the sea of this worldly life, to reach the opposite shore.” This sea can be sailed through PRAVACHAN – the teachings of the Omniscient Ones – and SHASAN, the Four-fold Jain Sangha (i.e. the humans and other creatures who follow these eternal teachings). Twenty-four such Omniscient Ones have revived the Tirth in their descending era, and are thus known as the Tirthankaras. The Tirth is the medium by which a living being can cross this deep and stormy worldly sea. By following the Tirth established by the Thirthankaras, a soul attains enlightenment, just as they did.

In the Jain tradition, the Tirth is of two forms: JANGAM TIRTH and STHAVAR TIRTH. The Jangam Tirth consists of (1) the monks and nuns who systematically expound the teaching of the Tirthankaras to the soul; of living beings and (2) the written scriptures and treatises containing the same. Through the realization of this truth proclaimed in the Jangam Tirth, and through the perfect conduct explained therein, a soul can reach Final Liberation.

The Sthavar Tirth (literally, “stationary” also has two forms: SIDDHA TIRTH and CHAMTKARI TIRTH. A Siddha Tirth is where someone – like one destined to be a Tirthankar – was born, or had taken DIKSHA, or attained KEVAL, JNAN, MOKSHA, etc., or did penance and meditation, carefully roaming the surrounding jungles. Pavapuri, Mt. Girnarji, Rajagiri, Champapuri, and Mt. Sammed Shikharji are some major Jain Siddha Tirths. Chamatkari Tirths are those where the Tirthankaras, or other human beings, had attained Liberation, and where the idols of Tirthankaras exist in beautifully constructed temples, giving serenity and solace to all living things. With the inspiration and enthusiasm of great saints, wise scholars, and skilled artists, these great temples were built. These temples have become the symbol of the spiritual upliftment of all mankind.

In this modern age, a new Tirth has been built. Nestled in 108 acres of natural forests (equivalent to the number of beads in our holy rosary) in New Jersey, USA lies Siddhachalam. With the vision, inspiration, and undying effort of Acharya Sushil Kumarji, the Jain communities of North America united and worked together for this common cause.

Being of the Sthanakvasi sect of the Jain Dharma, Acharyaji had the dynamic personality to inspire Jains of all sects here in North America to build the temples here which house the holy images of the Tirthankaras. Translating Sanskrit and Prakrit into English is a formidable task, and Acharyaji’s perseverance and determination made it possible for him to explain and make the Jain philosophy very appealing to Americans of both Indian and European background. His compassion for all, young and old, human and non-human, augmented deep respect from the non-Jain religious community worldwide.

The main temple has Digambara and Shvetambara idols side-by-side. Idols of the Lords Mahavira and Chandraprabhu are of the Digambara sect; the Lords Adinath, Shantinath, and Parshvanath are of the Shvetambara. On one side is an idol of Lord Bahubali, and on the other side, one of Manibhadraji. During Paryushana, and Daslakshana, all believers come together and worship and take part in puja. The lay followers of Acharyaji, who reside at Siddhachalam, are very dedicated, and under his guidance, they fast for days – two, five, eight – according to their energy and ability. During Paryushana, Mahavira Jayanti, and Diwali, the Tirth is visited by thousands of Jains. During the summer, there are camps for children and adults. Acharyaji taught them Jain yoga and meditation at such camps. Other pure Jain temples are now being established in many cities, but Siddhachalam is a “Tirth” where people can actually live and meditate.

Here at Siddhachalam, we have many cabins which provide good accommodations for the campers and visitors. Very nutritious and clean Jain diet is prepared and served. Jains visiting from India make it a point to visit Siddhachalam. Many Canadians rent big buses and come in large groups to Siddhachalam. People hike on the trails where they may see deer, bears, woodchucks, and snakes wandering freely. The turkey, with it plumes spread out like a peacock, and many other birds fill the air with their varied musical chirping. As the weather changes in the autumn bringing bright colors, and then in winter with snow and ice all around, we feel the good vibrations of being so close to nature and all its glory. The greenery around is very beautiful and soothing to the senses and mind. The beauty and power of mother nature at Siddhachalam fills one with awe.

Acharyaji showed the path of righteousness to many who were ignorant of the Jain Dharma. He was a true “torch bearer”, and he blazed a trail of Ahimsa in America and many other countries around the world.

What we make of this beautiful legacy is up to us. Muniji has left for us this Sthavar Tirth; or visit a Siddha Tirth or a Chamatkari Tirth? – we should all ask this question. When I enter Siddhachalam, I feel like I am going up the holy mountain of Palitana in India; when I roam the wilderness, I feel as though I am climbing Mt. Sammed Shikharji. Time will tell us what we should consider this Tirth to be.

Though there is now the void of the physical presence of a great Jain spiritual leader, the land of Siddhachalam has been blessed by Muniji. When I reside in meditation at Siddhachalam, in my mind’s eye I see Muniji meditating before me, and I hear his melodious voice chanting and leading us, and uplifting our spirits.

Written in Hindi by Mr. Laharchand Mukim and translated by Mrs. Bharati Salgia.

Mr. Lahar Chandji Mukim (1935-2002) dedicated more than forty years of his life to serve Guruji with total devotion and dedication. Lahar Chandji came to USA to serve Siddhachalam at the bidding of Guruji. In the critical years immediately after Guruji left his physical body, Lahar Chandji gave the critical and tender loving care to keep Siddhachalam not only going, but growing and flourshing. Lahar Chandji did all this even while he was in poor health. We shall all miss him, his indomitable spirit, his great sense of humor and his sincere warmth, his zeal and his forth-right no-nonsense approach. May his soul rest in peace and may his family and his very large circle of friends have the fortitude to bear this great loss.

– Siddhachalam Newsletter – February 1988

People frequently ask, “What is spirituality?” In ancient times people felt that spirituality was something that worked from the spirit. That is, they felt that the spirit was the soul. Basically, they connected the subtle body with different types of energy. When their inner energy began to move and they felt vibrations, they were able to receive and perceive clarity concerning their questions in life. They called this energy spirit. Eventually, their concept of spirit became known as spirituality. All of us have the capability to call on any spirit, great, small, lower or higher – any kind of spirit. We all have the power to connect with this type of energy. There is a story about a devotee who went to the Himalayas to seek the answer to the question of spirituality and to know about himself. Eventually, he found a Guru, a Master, and asked: “My Guru, I came here with great difficulty. But I cast off all things to find only one answer.” The Guru was in deep meditation but finally said “My dear child, what is your question?” The devotee asked, “What is the definition of spirituality?” The Guru laughed and replied, “My dear son, you don’t understand. Listen. Someone can describe spirituality to you 100,000 times over and over and still you will not completely understand this concept. But then, even the Guru does not completely understand! This is spirituality.”

In reality though, spirituality means different things to most people. It is as difficult as deciding on how the world began. Even here the scientist cannot agree on one theory. We know that the amoeba was the first form of life on earth. But what is life? Life force is sperm and sperm is life force. By Prana we can produce life force. Prana is the base of life force. The chemical composition of our life force is 20% oxygen, 74% nitrogen, 4% carbon and 1% miscellaneous elements. But we still don’t know the real root of our life force. We still don’t know how it began on earth.

According to the Jain system, there are two types of energy or life force. This energy is called Ayu or age. This type of energy is connected with our causal body or our unconscious mind. The unconscious mind is connected with the base of our spine, the Muladhara. As this point, we produce two types of power – one is the life force and the other is the power of speech. Ultimately, scientists have found that life force, speech, thoughts, breath, light, color, and electricity are no different. They are the same form of energy only functioning at different vibrational frequencies. You can convert any of these things into another. You can convert color into light and you can convert thoughts into color. You can convert your life force into electricity. We all possess two types of current, electric and magnetic. Our brain produces the first type, electric. Our brain is capable of creating, producing or manufacturing this chemical type of power. But the second type, or magnetic current, cannot be produced chemically. Our pranic force or magnetic power is a gift. This type of energy is a mystery. It is the healing force, the life force within us. Most devotees are not seeking the knowledge of electrical current, what they are seeking is knowledge of the magnetic or healing current.

Our bodies cannot function without electric current. However, when healing takes place, it comes from magnetic current. We must learn to draw upon magnetic current (Pranic force) in order to stimulate the electric current within us so that our bodies can heal themselves. It is like being able to transform OM into MO or MONA into NAMO. It is this creation or transformation of energy which allows healing to take place.

Let me explain further. A disease means that one part of our body loses its connection with the brain. For example, the brain orders the knee to work. The knee says “No, forget it. I don’t want to listen. You have misused my power, misused my strength. Forget cooperation. I am separate from the rest of the body. I will not join the group.” This means that the brain and the knee are fighting – this is a disease. In reality though, it is only an obstacle. And obstacle of energy can produce a disease. It is the lack of electricity along the backbone which prevents the body part from receiving the signal (electricity). But the real lack of energy takes place in the sushumna. The current from this channel affects our subtle or light body. Through meditation we can draw prana or magnetic current into the sushumna. If the magnetic or pranic current is missing, the brain will not be able to send energy to other parts of the body that require extra help. All diseases are due to obstacles or improper movement of energy. If energy moves properly, no disease will result. When the body is healing, it says, “Knee be good.” We send a love message or special type of electricity (prana) to the knee. Soon the knee will feel some attractions or love for the spiritual or pranic healing force. When the prana begins to work, it occupies the brain and healing can begin to take place. This is also the secret of the Mantra – any Mantra.
We can awaken our own energy for healing. Anyone can be a healer. When we remove our ego, our existence, when we don’t think about ourselves, then we can be healers. If you think “I am a healer,” you won’t be able to heal. Forget yourself, become a channel or a medium. When you apply this type of healing, magnetic current will occupy you. You will feel so many vibrations. Anybody can be healed with this type of power. Forget yourself completely, dissolve yourself, merge into an Ocean of Love. Ultimately you will be a channel. The energy will come and then you can heal anyone.

But spirituality is more than just reaching toward the Pranic force. According to Raja Yoga, the Buddha, Patanjali and Jain systems, spirituality means awakening or awareness. It doesn’t matter what type of activity you are engaged in, shopping, working, cooking, meditations, etc., if you work with awareness, this constitutes spirituality. In our literature we see and read of the great Masters doing different types of work. We see pictures of the Lords Krishna and Mahavir meditating. We also see pictures of Christ doing work. All of the great Masters worked with awareness and focus – this is spirituality. It is only our minds that make us think that meditating is more spiritual than physical work. But whether you work or meditate, only do one thing at a time; this is the rule. If you are working, concentrate. Do not talk with others, do not waste your energy. Always focus and concentrate your mind on only one work – then you are a Yogi, then you are spiritual.

But we ask why meditation is important. Our mind has the habit to run, to collect thoughts like a dumpster. We fill our minds with bad or dirty thoughts. By meditation one to two hours daily, we can fill our minds with pure, clean thoughts. Our mind will become a temple of God. Our mind is so powerful. If you meditate, you can change anything in the world. Mind power is a big thing. But if we don’t care and fill our minds with useless, careless thoughts, the mind will become difficult to control. People today have great difficulty in stopping or controlling their minds because their negativity rules them.

When reading the history of society, we see so much fighting and killing based on just one thought “I am superior to you.” This is how so many people think. Look at what happened to the people in Africa. The men, women and children were collected, chained and sold to other nations. They were beaten, killed or enslaved in the name of superiority. This type of torture is going on in Africa, in America, in India or anywhere in the world. There is no country in the world where one person did not torture another person. By war, man has done so much; by slavery he has done so much; by wealth he has done so much; but mostly in the name of religion he has done so many negative things. The maximum amount of torture in this world has been done in the name of religion. Religion can be the purest thing – but it also has been a big poison for the world. In the name of religion, people think that they are superior. They think “I am a Jain, I am a Buddhist, I am a Christian,” and so on. Religion should be a uniting force. Instead, in the name of religion entire societies have been divided. These are our habits, this is how we think. We all think that we are different, that we are separate. We do different jobs, we have different organizations, we belong to different communities. Ultimately none of us are superior or better. We are all one.

My dear, by spirituality we mean awareness and awakening. If you are aware of yourself, if you focus your entire concentration on one work at a time, if you can accept all as one, then you are spiritual.

When we recite a mantra, it can be any mantra or rhythmic chanting, we receive so much help. The mantra vibrates and inspires different parts of the body. You can open and awake yourself. This is a mysterious system of the physical and subtle bodies. Ultimately, you will unlock your causal body. You are purifying yourself. You are removing all negativities – the kind of materials that cause problems, diseases, negativities, obstacles or sickness. Begin by chanting OM – beautiful OM!

Talk by Guruji at Siddhachalam

– Summer, 1984

We have a problem when we try to describe the Absolute. According to the Jain system, there are six principles of creation – soul, matter, space, action, rest and time. You say the Absolute is the cause of all sounds, colors, thoughts, smells, etcetera, but you do not know the meaning of Absolute. We began our relation with this world through sound, but in the level beyond sound there is no relation with this world or nature.

What is the Absolute of a tree? It is the seed. But what is the Absolute of the seed? Seed is tree and tree is ultimately seed. This is expansion and contraction manifesting in all of nature. And when you go deeper into seed of seed, seed of seed, seed of seed – you find the same reality in all. Like a molecule or atom – there is a whole world in a molecule, the same world in the subtlest form of existence.

The term Absolute will create many misconceptions. Like “God” and “karma” – in the name of God, how much violence has been committed throughout the world. The same is true with karma. Through religious beliefs many problems are solved, but many confusions also arise.

Why have some people accepted the theory of karma? If you are not accepting “God”, then you have to accept Karma. Karma is a more polished, more intellectual answer to the questions of man and the world. And the “God” answer is devotional. You have to believe blindly. Who created this world? God. Okay, problem is over. But nobody is thinking who created God.

A Talk by Guruji in Long Beach, CA

– February 6, 1984

The guru is searching for his student. When he is getting anything, he wants to give it to others. A seed becomes a tree and then it produces fruit. And when the fruit is ripe the tree the tree wants to distribute it. The tree will bear fruit whether we pick it or not, but it waits for those people who are ready to take it. It is the same thing with the guru. When he has this quality to produce ‘fruit’; then he has to distribute it. The fruit of the tree can rot and decompose, but it is not possible that the guru’s knowledge can be wasted.

Both guru and disciple have a special quality – the magnetism and a magnet. The magnetic current has the power to attract metal, and metal has power to receive the attraction. Both are waiting for this kind of vibration and compatibility. However, the magnetic current can’t attract wood or stone.

Everybody has a different need, a different kind of hunger, thirst or problem. And its frame is different. The subconscious sends the message “he is my guru”. Then any way you like, Nature makes some arrangement for a meeting and something happens. If the guru’s vibration, teaching, practice, color, aura and light can fit into your frame of life, then the guru can start the relation and you can receive the relation. This is the most beautiful relation – very deep, like energy flowing.

In the world there are many kinds of gurus. Imagine three types of gurus as three types of boats, one of wood, one of stone and one of paper. Take the three boats to the river. The stone boat is very big and strong, but it is very heavy and when you put it into water then what happens? It will sink. The boat will go down deep and you will go with it. At the time when you need it, that boat will not give help. The paper boat is very light and beautiful, but when you want to cross the river you put it into water and at most it will float for a few minutes.


There are four types of attachments – food, fear, sleep and sex. When these desires arise, and when you decide to control them, then for some minutes analyze your situation without prejudice. Next, breathe “sohum” deeply six times with love. Between the “walls” of discipline and faith in the Guru, hold the energy current of desire. When inhaling “so” absorb the energy in the navel, with “hum”; exhale the waste or negativities of the desire such as greed, anger, jealousy, etc.

In this practice will-power is strengthened and psychic powers are developed, by the retention of energy.

By this practice we do not repress the desires; repression creates weaknesses in body and mind. We are rather transforming the energy of the desires, and using it for our benefit, as we also rid ourselves of the negativities. Surrender…

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