Siddhachalam has several temples.

Old Temple

The first temple, called the “Old Temple”, is a small cabin which Guruji used for meditation. It was opened in the first week of October in 1983. At this cabin, Guruji placed several pratimajis that had been contributed by sanghs in India. The Old Temple continues to be the favorite meditation spot for many.

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Main Temple

Picture shows an engraved placard in the Main Temple setting forth some basic requirements in the Main Temple and the Parsvanath Temple. All yatris are expected to observe these basic requirements..

The Main Temple was likely a meeting hall with a stage when the property now called Siddhachalam was a children camp in the mid-1950s. In August 1991, there was established here a large temple under the auspices of Acharya Sushil Kumarji. More than 10,000 Jains and non-Jains from all parts of the world participated in a 10-day Pratishtha festival. Acharya Sushil Kumarji was a Sthanakvasi monk. Sthanakvasi do not believe in idol worship. Instead, they believe in the study of literature, in meditation and the power of the Namokar Mantra. Guruji was a great believer in education, study and reflection. He was a self-taught master of meditation and yoga and many believe that he acquired immense supernatural powers because of meditation. Guruji was also the foremost interpreter of the Namokar Mantra and revealed its secret in the book, The Song of the Soul. At the same time, Guruji believed in bringing all sects of Jains together. The Main Temple contains Digamabar and Swetambar pratimajis on the same alter, perhaps for the first time in a major temple in the history of the religion.
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Parsvanath Temple

The Siddhachalam Parsvanath temple epitomized Guruji’s devotion towards Bhagwaan Parsvanath. It was Guruji’s favorite meditation spot. It contains a spell-binding pratimaji of Bhagwaan Parsvanath in black marble. In addition, it contains various other pratimajis.

Guru Mandir

The Guru Mandir is a room in Ahimsa Hall where Guruji frequently sat with his followers. A life-size pratimaji of Guruji with a wall-hanging of Ganadhar Shri Gautam Swami and a hand-painted picture of Guruji are its main features. Read about Guru Mandir


Morning puja/ pakshal is held in the Main Temple and the Siddhachalam Parsvanath Temple daily, 365 days a year before 8 am. Evening aarti is held around sunset. Yatris are permitted to visit the two temples 365 days a year for darshan between sunrise and sunset. For performing pujas, permission is required from the ashram staff and requires payment of charges. Darshan may be curtailed on days special pujas are being held for certain hours. For details, please call the ashram and ask for Bajrang Joshi at (908) 362-9793.

Kshetrapal Grah

The Kshetrapal Grah is the first structure on the right when one enters Siddhachalam from 111 Hope Road. It is proposed to be the first stop before entering Shikharji at Siddhachalam and will contain a pratimaji of Bhomiyaji. As the name signifies, its sole purpose is to serve as a rakshak/ protector of our place of pilgrimage.