Preserving the Jain way of life sometimes calls for special steps. Picture shows one of many signs one finds at seemingly odd locations at Siddhachalam. This one appears to point towards a neighboring property – perhaps because there may have occurred some incidents of hunting? Part of being at Siddhachalam is to sensitize oneself as part of a larger universe of living beings – each having a soul and each entitled to live life with the same rights as us.

Siddhachalam is a natural choice of one in search of answers. Spend time in the ashram’s library – reading new and out-of-print books (many of which were read by Guruji himself and have his notes) – meander in the trails while pondering over a question or a problem, or meditate in a temple, by a Tonk or at Guruji’s Tapasya Sthal. Guruji made Siddhachalam a place where a true seeker will find answers. At Siddhachalam, you have the opportunity to awaken to your true self. No wonder, people come from far and wide to spend time at Siddhachalam




Guruji’s Tapasya Sthal