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Paryushan & Daslakshan Mahaparv at Siddhachalam

August 18th – September 5th, 2017

Shri Paryushan and Daslakshan Mahaparva, is a  few days away on August 18th – September 5th, 2017. Paryushan literally means to put in maximum effort to stay close to the soul. It is a period for complete introspection and going back to the path of purification of soul. It entails reviewing our own faults, asking for and granting unconditional forgiveness, shedding karmas and spiritually preparing oneself for the coming year and remainder of life. Many Jain aspirants spend their entire Paryshan/Daslakshan at auspicious places such as a Tirth, Upasharay or Sthanak. In North America, Siddhachalam provides all of that in a stupendously serene and vibrant environment.

At Siddhachalm, one can take Tirth yatra at Shikharji at Siddhachalam, and participate in Paryushan specific religious activities at Temples, Ahimsa Hall and library. You can spend your every hour of Paryushan by engaging in soul purifying activities such Puja, Kalpsutra Vachana, Swadhyay, studying Jain Canonical books, Bhavna, Samayik, Meditation and Pratikraman while undertaking austerities per your capacity. You can make best use of our rich Jain library, and of course bring your own books/audios/videos  as well. PP Amrinder Muniji is at Siddhachalam and will be doing Kalpsutra vachan and Daslakshan Dharam Vachan during this mahaparv. Sadhvi Sahejaji will also be at Siddhachalam during Daslakshan mahaparv. Our resident Priest Shravanji is very versed in Jain Pujas and bhakti. Our Jain Bhojanalaya will cater to your Tapasya-related (austerity) meals or regular meal requirements, and staying facilities (cabins) will be available free of charge during this period.

Join us and make this Paryushan/Daslakshan Mahaparva spiritually most rewarding at your own tirth Siddhachalam.

Paryushan and Daslakshan Mahaparv program schedule

Please contact us at (908) 362-9793, if you have any questions or if you plan to stay at Siddhachalam during Paryushan and Daslakshan. We look forward to hearing from you.