History was created on Aug. 13, 2012 when the world’s first, to-scale, complete replica of Teerthadhiraj Shikharji was opened at Siddhachalam at sunrise after four days of joyous and graceful Pratishtha celebrations and ceremonies.

The seeds of Shikharji at Siddhachalam were sown almost 70 years ago, when His Holiness Acharya Sushil Kumarji was a young boy awaiting initiation into monkhood. He saw Siddhachalam in his vision as a place with many beautiful temples in honor of siddha-atmas (“liberated souls”). That vision became a reality on Aug 13, 2012.

Four years in the making, Shikharji at Siddhachalam brought all who believe in the message of the Arhats, regardless of religion, sect, color or geography, to come together in giving to the world a timeless and spectacular symbol of our homage to the path shown by the Tirthankars. May Their message enter the hearts and minds of all who visit Shikharji at Siddhachalam.

Shikharji Has Arrived Announcement