This unique chaumukhi (four-sided) pratimaji of Bhagwaan Parsvanath showing two Digamber and two Swetamber forms of pratimajis was conceived in the context of Shikharji at Siddhachalam.  It has come to represent Siddhachalam itself – a place where all who believe in the Arihants come together. The picture shown here is of the pratimaji in the Main Temple of Siddhachalam.

International Mahavira Jain Mission is an Ohio nonprofit that is classified as a church by the Secretary of State of Ohio.  It owns and manages Shri Siddhachalam Jain Tirth and is represented at the United Nations Department of Public Information (since 1992) and the Economic and Social Council (since 2011).


In accordance with its bylaws, IMJM is governed and managed under the directions of a board of trustees comprising of 18 members. The members of the board (2017-2019), besides Guruji as Chairman, are:


The board has a mandatory Audit Committee. It is comprised of Ashok K. Sancheti, Rashmi Jain and Surendra Jain.

Working Committee

Siddhachalam is run and managed by volunteers who work through various committees. The committees report to the President. The committees are:

Charter Members’ Council

IMJM draws its trustees and officers every two years from among the members of its Charter Members’ Council. Charter Members’ Council (as of 2016) is comprised of:

Benefactors, Charter Members, Working Committee Designees and Current & Former Trustees are voting members of the Charter Members’ Council.  For more information, please contact president at

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