Siddhachalam 016Picture of a stained glass window of the Main Temple shows the Arhum Yoga Logo.

The Arhum Yoga logo was created by Guruji for use by International Mahavira Jain Mission and other organizations he founded around the world. The logo has been in continuous use by IMJM since it was founded.  Stained glass representations of the logo were installed at the main temple when it was opened in 1992.  It was also engraved on the glass forming the main door of the Parsvanath Temple.

Sometime in 2008, IMJM started using the logo with the words “Watch & Awaken Yourself” written below it.  The words capture the essence of the message Guruji sought to communicate through the logo.

In its simplest explanation, the logo graphically presents Arhum (signifying self-realized true knowledge, samyak gyaan), Om (signifying self-realized true faith, samyak darshan) and Hreem (signifying conduct born of faith and knowledge, samyak chaaritya). According to Guruji, the three inter-related sounds symbolize the techniques and aim of Arhum Yoga, the form of yoga Guruji revived and taught.

Further, Guruji wove into the logo his deep understanding of the secrets behind colors. Accordingly, parts of the logo are in different colors: white, black, red, gold and blue. These are the colors one traditionally sees in Jain flags. Guruji’s book, “Song of the Soul,” contains a deep and extended explanation of the logo, the secrets behind the sounds and colors and how one can awaken kundalini by chanting Om, Arhum and Hreem.  A copy of the book is available upon request.