Picture shows Sthanak, the monk’s place of residence during their stay at the ashram.

Siddhachalam is a magnet for visiting monks, nuns and scholars, particularly during the summers. Dedicated monastery (“sthanak” and cabins) exists for comfortable short-term stay of monks, nuns, scholars and vidhi-vidhan advisors.

This is to be expected, given that a tirth is a place where sadhu, sadhvi, shravak and shravika can come together. It is also in line with IMJM’s objective of promoting visits by mendicants so that Jainism takes deep roots in North America. Most monks, nuns, scholars and vidhi-vidhan advisors visit the ashram during the summer months. Details can be had by calling Siddhachalam.



Two Days with Acharya Roopchandraji Maharaj Saheb

July 12-13, 2014

Acharya Roopchandraji Maharaj Saheb (diksha October 15, 1952), is one of the foremost Jain monks who followed Guruji’s footsteps of promoting the message of Bhagwaan Mahavira in foreign lands.  Thanks to his leadership, Jains in America have the rare privilege of being in his company during his visits here.  Acharyashri will be at Siddhachalam on July 12-13 and will speak on a wide range of issues, including how to practice self-discipline, will power, courage, dealing with adversity, peace and equanimity.  Acharyashri is well-versed in several languages including Sanskrit, Prakrit, Hindi and English.  He prefers speaking in Hindi and is well-known for expressing complex subjects through poetry.

Acharyashri will be accompanied by his assistant, Arun Tiwari, a yoga instructor.  Accordingly, the camp will also include yoga sessions in coordination with Siddhachalam monthly yoga lessons under Dr. Sadhana Mehta.

Advance registration is required by RSVP to office@imjm.org.  Details follow.