Siddhachalam is an animal and nature preserve and we take great care to maintain it. Between 2008 and 2013, we planted more than 500 full-grown trees.


During this period, we also made sure that several parts of the property remain completely forested so that animals treat it as a safe haven. This is in accordance with Guruji’s thinking – that because Siddhachalam is a religious place, protecting plant and animal life and the ecology is a part of Jain belief in the right of all to live and let live.

Many parts of our property, including Cooks Pond (about 2/3rd of which is within our property) and the areas around it are continually preserved thereby giving its flora, fauna and animal life a safe place to live.

Tree-planting Days

Each year, Siddhachalam announces several tree-planting days – usually around May and October – and encourages the community to join in preserving mother-nature.

Deer Feed and Bird Feed

Siddhachalam has a vibrant tradition of feeding deer during the winters and the birds throughout the year. The deer feed stations also has provision for warm water throughout the winters.

Siddhachalam is rich in animal and bird life.